Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Bible based, Christ centered recovery ministry.  This is not therapy or professional treatment.  It is a group of peers, men and women, sharing with each other and supporting each other on the road to recovery from hurts, habits and hangups.  For example relationship addiction, food and body issues, freedom from anger, sexual integrity, drug addiction, alcohol abuse (only about a third of people in CR deal with drug and/or alcohol problems), co-dependency (letting others control how you feel and seeking to control others), pornography addiction, recovery from the trauma of physical/emotional/sexual abuse, and other issues.



5:30pm  Light supper together--$2 (free for first time attenders)

6:30pm  Large group—worship, lesson, testimonies

7:30pm  Small group sharing (men’s and women’s separate groups—more groups to be added as needed)

8:30pm  Sold Rock Café—snacks/dessert, chance for one on one conversation



6:00pm  Step-Study


Additionally, at separate times, Christ centered 12 step studies are held as people are ready to do them, conducted with small gender specific groups—(as few as 1-2, as many as 12) The major recovery progress usually occurs in these 12 step studies for those that sincerely want recovery from their problem and are willing to put in the effort and stick with it.